5 Things Your Digital Footprint Says About You

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Large Digital Footprint

Your digital footprint reveals a lot of personal information about yourself to others.  Each time you go online, your digital footprint gets larger. For example, advertisers can easily find out the kind of content browse so that they can customize ads just for you. Also, internet users can easily find the content you post online.

5 Digital Marketing Strategy Tips Brand Builders Ought to Know

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Building a cohesive digital marketing strategy is essential for long-term growth. Whether you are attempting to grow your small business or launching a startup company, the quality of your digital marketing strategy will determine the success of your business growth efforts. If you want help developing a powerful digital marketing strategy for your brand,

What is Health Informatics?

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Health informatics refers to the way in which patient medical information is stored and used. The professionals trained in health informatics are charged with the responsibility of finding ways to retrieve, keep, and send patient health information for present and future use. Ultimately, the goal is to do this in a way that makes that information more accessible to healthcare providers in different departments, different facilities, and across healthcare networks.

The Evolution of Cash in China – Part 1

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Have you ever wondered how the concept of cash developed?

The fiat Dollars, Euros, Yen, and Sterling that change hands daily have an extensive history as reserve currencies. The paper in wallets and the digital numbers that flow through small businesses and corporate accounts form the backbone of the global economy. 

The Pros and Cons of Cryptocurrency

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Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum have been among the most debated topics over the last few months. Supporters argue that these digital coins represent the future of money by offering numerous advantages over more traditional currencies. Detractors compare them to a classic scam in which you offer your hard-earned money in exchange for fool’s gold.