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5 Digital Marketing Strategy Tips Brand Builders Ought to Know

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Building a cohesive digital marketing strategy is essential for long-term growth. Whether you are attempting to grow your small business or launching a startup company, the quality of your digital marketing strategy will determine the success of your business growth efforts. If you want help developing a powerful digital marketing strategy for your brand, incorporate the following five tips into your business development efforts.

1. Your digital marketing strategy needs to be actionable and contain KPIs (key performance indicators) that can be tracked and monitored. It isn’t good enough to have vague goals like “I want to increase my social media engagement rates”. You need to have specific goals like “I want to increase my retweet/like rate on Twitter by 10% this month”. The more specific your strategy, the better your odds are of achieving real growth.

2. A powerful digital marketing strategy includes multiple components. Instead of telling yourself “I want to use content marketing to grow my business”, create specific goals like “I want to use five infographics in my customer acquisition efforts on Pinterest this month” or “I want my content marketing outreach to include five SlideShare presentations this month”. Including multiple types of content in your digital marketing strategy will ensure your brand building efforts attract eyeballs across numerous social outreach platforms.

3. A detailed distribution strategy is a core component of an effective digital marketing strategy. You can create the best content in your market sector, but if you don’t have a plan in place to effectively distribute your content, your efforts will all be for naught. Include everything from RSS feeds and content syndication to guest posting and influencer outreach in your brand’s distribution strategy.

4. A top-performing digital marketing strategy doesn’t mean your brand creates profiles on every social media network and instant messaging platform. Audience analysis is crucial if you want to pick the best outreach platforms for your brand. Understand where your audience is so you can connect with them on platforms, forums, and apps they are already using. One of the fastest ways to increase your social media ROI is to truly understand your target audience’s preferences.

5. To ensure the effectiveness of your digital marketing strategy, you must have a comprehensive plan in place for content creation, monitoring, and follow-up. Wanting to build a digital marketing plan is great, but you need to assign duties and follow-up on your efforts. Know who will be creating each aspect of your content outreach (i.e. blog posts, white papers, social media posts, visual marketing content) and who will be responsible for tracking effectiveness and re-purposing content.

Integrate these five top tips into your brand’s digital marketing strategy and chances are good you will see a significant return on your investment of time. Planning your brand’s outreach efforts is just as important as the actual customer acquisition itself.

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